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Renewi plc

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Renewi is enabling the circular economy by keeping materials in use for longer and by giving new life to used materials. We are a leading waste to product company with more than 6.550 employees working at 162 operating sites across Europe. Our extensive operational network means we are always close to our customers.

As a pure-play waste-to-product company we have a unique position in the value chain, linking waste producers to secondary raw material consumers. We recognise the value of the waste and look for new ways to create something new out of discarded materials. In so doing we protect the world’s natural resources and preserve the planet for future generations. This puts us at the heart of the circular economy, while creating value for stakeholders. 

Our purpose is in step with developments in the countries where Renewi operates and beyond: businesses across Europe, including Benelux, are exploring sustainability driven by legislation, the wider economy and social pressures. We are working with companies to help them achieve their own sustainability targets.

We use innovation and the latest technology to turn waste into useful materials such as paper, metal, plastic, glass, wood, building materials, compost and energy. We extract value from waste and supply high quality secondary raw materials.

The result of our work is less waste and contamination, a smarter use of scarce raw materials, and a reduction in carbon emissions. This means that we are contributing towards a cleaner, circular world in which we "waste no more". 


Renewi plc
Dunedin House, Auckland Park
Mount Farm, Milton Keynes
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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