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Recycling Technologies

Recycling Technologies chemically recycles residual plastic waste back to oil. The company has developed a modular and scalable machine, the RT7000, to economically recycle plastic waste which currently is disposed of in landfill or incinerators, back into Plaxx®, a valuable oil.
Award-winning Plaxx® can be used in wax production and by polymer manufacturers to make new plastic thereby propelling plastic into the circular economy.
The RT7000 chemical recycling process has been built to a modular design in ISO container frames that will be mass produced and transported to existing waste and recycling facilities in the UK and internationally. Mass production keeps costs low and enables recycling capacity to be built quickly, providing industrial quantities of recycled feedstock to polymer manufacturers.
The first commercial RT7000 will soon be installed at a waste site in Perthshire, Scotland and will process residual waste derived from household and commercial & industrial waste streams. Each RT7000 is capable of recycling 7,000 tonnes per annum into 5,300 tonnes of Plaxx.
We look forward to welcoming you to our stand K66 to discuss how we can help waste companies recycle more and benefit from positive economic and environmental impacts - and keep more plastic out of our oceans.

Tel: 01793 827 965

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