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Re-Riced Solutions Ltd.

See how truly eco-friendly our rice husk mugs are.
Using the waste from Rice production, the husk is ground to a fine powder, mixed with natural plant resin, this can be then moulded into many shapes for a strong material to be converted into many useful products.
In a bid to help reduce the 2.5 million plastic lined paper cups that currently go to land fill every year, this natural material can be used for mugs. Being natural it has all the challenges of pottery, not wise to pour in boiling water and although being dish washer compatable the cycle will have a derogative effect on the polished surface.
Likewise, it is not wise to allow liquids to get to boiling in a microwave.
To make this more of a eco-friendly marketing media tool, we can, in relatively small quantities, laser engrave Brands, names and the like. Currently using a spill proof silicone lid, we are trying to find a totally eco-friendly solution, however these lids are able to last for a very long time. There is no reason for a mug and lid to last many years, giving a pleasant drinking experience and helping to reduce landfill at the same time..
We are currently working on a small recyclable corrugated card sleeve, with a printed card sleeve with vouchers, to replace the silicone sleeve, which will make this a whole new marketing media space, with many types of uses. These outer sleeves can be regularly updated with all types of information and see everyone having their own rice husk mug in preference to getting many new cups that will go to landfill. There are savings for the vendor to be able to reduce the costs for refills, spend less on re-stocking and gain extra space in-house for more potential sales.

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