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16 & 17 SEPT 2020


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16 & 17 SEPT 2020 - NEC, BIRMINGHAM

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Raille Ltd

Raille spark detection systems prevent fires and explosions igniting in dust extraction filters and material handling conveyors.

Any process which involves putting energy into flammable material has an inherent risk. In the recycling industry, that energy might commonly be heat in a dryer or mechanical energy in a shredder or hammer mill.

Ignition sources can be generated by blockages, friction, tramp metal or worn machinery and are carried through dust extraction ducts to the filter and through conveyors to storage silos and grading plant. The machinery, conveyors and dust extraction plant are generally enclosed and a fire, once ignited, is difficult to access and extinguish.

Spark detectors react to infra red light from ignition sources being carried through the dust extraction ducts or conveyors. When sparks, embers, hot particles and burning material are detected, the system activates a high-speed extinguishing reaction immediately downstream. The extinguisher generates a curtain of water in the path of the spark, before it reaches that point. This barrier prevents the spark from reaching the filter or storage silo.

For an isolated spark, only a brief extinguishing spray is required to eliminate the risk and there is no need to shut-down extraction or interrupt production. Upon detection of a continuous stream of burning material, the control system would activate an automatic shut-down of the plant and release additional extinguishing systems into the machine where the fire originated.

Raille provides a complete system design, installation and commissioning service, together with on-going spare parts and maintenance support for spark detection systems.

Tel: 0191 224 0001

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