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16 & 17 SEPT 2020


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16 & 17 SEPT 2020 - NEC, BIRMINGHAM

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Optrak Distribution Software Limited

We are a leading waste logistics software and consultancy provider, offering bespoke optimisation software and consultancy engagements to improve the operational efficiency and decrease the environmental impacts of commercial and specialist waste collection; serving both commercial waste collectors and local authorities.

With thirty years of logistics experience, we have brought millions of pounds of savings to customers through analysis and improvement of their transportation networks. Focusing on improving routing efficiency, truck utility and strict adherence to end-customer requirements and restrictions, we will ensure that its services match as closely to your real-world goals and needs.

Our offerings are as follows:
• Optrak4 for Commercial Waste
• Optrak Consultancy

Optrak4 for Commercial Waste

Optrak4 for Commercial Waste is an enhanced version of Optrak4`s vehicle routing and scheduling software, designed specifically for the needs of commercial waste and recycling collection, covering a variety of waste types, from standard commercial products such as paper and glass, to specialist types such as food waste and waste oil.
• Load Customisation: Optrak4 can be tailored to fit your specific load requirements/specification with customised loading modules that takes into account the physical characteristics of the vehicle and ensures that the loads will fit. These specifications are then included in the optimisation process - tracking the expected contents of the compartments to ensure your trips are properly organised and the collector has complete control of the delivery process.
• Customer Requirements: Optrak4`s optimiser can be designed to fit the delivery profile/requirements of your customers. By prioritising customers according to days left it will ensure that the really urgent orders take top priority while still being able to combine these with less urgent, but close-by, orders for efficient trips. To help the planner visualise the requirements, Optrak4`s map display can colour-code the orders based on date.
• Frequency Planning: Optrak4 can also be used to generate the fixed plans in instances where you might hold contracted cycles for the different customers. The schedules are then used to generate daily collection rounds that are uploaded into driver`s hand-held computers for proof-of-collection and food safety legislation compliance.

Optrak Consultancy

Optrak offers a wide range of consultancy engagements on the issues presented by complex industries with atypical distribution and routing challenges, such as commercial or specialist waste collection.

Addressing strategic and operation problems, Optrak`s consultancy team works closely with the customer to identify routing efficiency opportunities and maximise utilisation of resources through simulation analysis of current operations; utilising its Optrak4 software to ensure a real-world modelling of transport operations.

Optrak`s consultancy engagements are led by Tim Pigden, Managing Director, Optrak. Tim is a Fellow of the Operational Research Society and of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport with over thirty years of operations research and vehicle routing expertise, leading external consultancy projects with international commercial and logistics organisations such as DHL, Brenntag, Kuehne and Nagel, BP, Shell, Veolia, SARIA, WRAP, Menzies and Bidfood.

Tel: 01992 517 100

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