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Online Cleaning

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Online Cleaning

Online Cleaning Technologies UK Limited is the UK and Europe’s recognised market leader in the use of controlled detonative shockwave technology.

With our patented, proven methods and our deep understanding of the inner-workings of various types of  power stations and industrial facilities, the services we offer are truly unrivalled.

With our wide variety of different cleaning methods, we can now create a bespoke cleaning solution depending on your plant needs and expectations.  

We are constantly striving to improve our technology and engineering solutions which eliminate risks to improve safety and efficiency. 

Using our extensive knowledge and experience and linking our remote Dashboard Monitoring Systems to DCS system, we can optimise when cleans are needed and not only maintain boiler performance but also improve it.

There will always be occasions urgent work is needed, which is why we offer very short notice avaialbility to our existing clients to help when needed most!   

Benefits of Detonative Cleaning

  • Increase in Plant operating profits
  • Increased availability of the installation.
  • Extended running periods up to 2 years
  • Reduction in boiler tube flue gas corrosion & erosion 
  • Extremely high level of Health & Safety 
  • Guarateable results
  • Reduction in emmision controlling additives
  • The offline cleaning for plant shutdown 
  • KPI based performance contracts.
  • The 'One Stop Shopping’ concept guarantees a complete delivery and supervision of your boiler cleaning activities.


Although Online Cleaning Technologies UK was founded in 2009 our history in industrial cleaning, through our European partners, stretches back to the 1950s.

We began using detonative technology using traditional methods in the 1990s but recognised the limitations of this, and so in 2002 developed our Patented Linear Cleaning Method, which is one of our best-selling services to date.

Our heat-resistant camera is like no other in the industry, able to withstand temperatures of up to 1500°C while shooting HD real-time video imagery.

In addition to our best selling Linear Cleaning method, we have developed several other method to clean boilers including ShockPower, Cartridges, Flexitube Cleaning. Using a combination of these methods the full bespoke cleaning package can be developed especailly for you plant. 

Innovation is at our core - "Where there's a will, there's a way!"


Online Cleaning UK Ltd
Unit A4 Mountbatten Business Park
Jackson Close, Portsmouth
United Kingdom
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