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One Off Innovations Ltd

Clean Care: One Cleaner, millions of uses and Biodegradable.

After thirty years in the commercial cleaning industry, I was exasperated with the ever-increasing number of cleaning products on the market. Most of which were largely ineffectual, dangerous or simply replicated each other

Big business has spent decades successfully convincing us we need 23 different cleaners for 38 different uses: one for the floor, the bath, the walls; one for the oven, one to degrease, one to shine, one for the toilet... Sound familiar? My great grandma had one bar of soap and a tub of bicarbonate of soda and successfully did the lot!

That`s why, here at One Off Innovations Ltd, we decided to get back to basics with a goal to produce an outstanding cleaning product that drastically reduces the amount of chemicals we`re exposed to, reduces plastic waste and staff training, along with ensuring biodegradability AND the protection of our health and that of our staff and families.

Over ten years in development, we`re proud to offer you a remarkable antibacterial, degreaser, stain remover and odour controlling multi-purpose cleaner: Clean Care

• Successfully tackling 99% of all your cleaning tasks from the hotel, to the care home, commercial cleaners and restaurants, the car, hair salon and at home or the office!

• Replacing up to 30 different chemical cleaners and offering savings of up to 75% on costs.

• Saving up to 120 plastic spray bottles a year for a domestic home alone through our refill system (that`s a mountain of plastic*).

• Greatly reducing production of and exposure to harmful chemicals that reach our rivers and seas, affecting all our health.

And that`s not all...
ONE OFF will save you staff training time as you only need one COSHH. Plus, packaging and carriage costs of chemical shipment is slashed as ONE OFF arrives as a concentrate that only needs diluting with tap water, immediately saving you storage and shelf space.

1. Replaces 99% of your cleaning requirements with one system

2. Can reduce your chemical costs by two-thirds

3. A powerful, multi-purpose high concentrate, anti-bacterial solution for cleaning, sanitising and deodorising with an apple scent

4. The all in one solution system that cuts down on packaging, and therefore reduces plastic waste

5. Keeps staff training to a minimum

6. Reduces risks in the work place

7. All our containers are recyclable

8. Once Clean Care is diluted at the recommended dilution rates, it is safe to use practically anywhere

9. We have a variety of containers available for professional use; including intermediate bulk containers, which reduces your costs even further

10. Reduces your carbon footprint

Here's what one of our happy customers is saying about Clean Care:

"Clean Care has benefited our businesses in many ways and It is so easy to use, our staff find it very refreshing not having to look for different products for different tasks, just the Clean Care. We have a bottle at every section of the restaurants, so it is easy to access by all staff members. It degreases with ease, it is an antibacterial and can be used on just about anything! Even floors and glass. The Kitchen managers love it because it works wonders on the stainless steel. Our staff use it for both deep cleaning and at a lower dilution rate for daily maintenance. The results it leaves are fantastic, everything clean and smelling fresh. This product has also saved the business money by reducing the amount of chemicals to just one, compared to the numerous products used in the past, 1 x 5 Litres last`s approximately 6 weeks in a very busy restaurant, this is amazing. This is why some of the managers call it the `Magic Stuff`.
No more searching for different cleaning products! It has reduced staff training to a minimum! No more throwing away empty spray bottles because the staff use the same spray bottle over and over again. I found Clean Care such a fantastic product all round! I would recommend this product to anyone in business or for the home." - Jinnah Restaurant Group.

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