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16 & 17 SEPT 2020


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16 & 17 SEPT 2020 - NEC, BIRMINGHAM

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Ningbo Judin Special Monofilament Co.,Ltd

We are manufacturer of plastic baling wire with capacity of more than 90 Tonnes (circa 400 X 235 kg Reels/40`feet container) per month to current clients.Our products have three packing for different clients- Min packing of plastic spool / Mid packing of wooden spool / Max packing of steel spool.
Baling wire is an essential product when it comes to waste disposal. It is used throughout the process to make it faster, safer and more efficient. Rubbish gets passed through a baling press, which then shoots it out the other end compressed into compact bales of waste, tied together with baling wire. This then means that it can be transported to its various locations involved with the process of waste removal, without the worry of any of the waste escaping. It can also go into the ground in these bales, which will take up less space and be more efficient in that sense too. The only problem with baling wire in terms of disposing of waste is when it comes to incinerating it. In these instances, the wire needs to be removed from the bundles before the rubbish can go into the incinerator, as the metal can`t be burned. Because this obviously adds time and expense to the entire process, an alternative solution was found: wire that can be burned with the waste, i.e. plastic baling wire.
With this plastic wire, the final and time-consuming part of the process that made it far less efficient has been resolved. The waste can stay contained and the wire can then go into the incinerator. In the case of waste to energy schemes, the plastic can also contribute to the waste being burned, which means that energy can be extracted from it. Even when the waste is burned in an incinerator purely to dispose of it, it is suddenly made far more efficient with plastic baling wire.So in other words, that is how plastic baling wire has changed how we dispose of our waste: the previous issue of metal wires inefficiency and unsuitability in incinerators has been resolved, which in turn leads to more and greener options for the future of waste disposal.
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