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mycon GmbH

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mycon GmbH

mycon – the new dimension of industrial cleaning

Cleaning methods which are environmentally sound and protecting of resources, digital monitoring systems of heat exchangers, devarnishing and coating of surfaces

mycon is part of the group of companies Kipp which exists since 1971 and has been active in developing, producing and selling new products and automation technology since 2001. Longtime experience in the field of industrial cleaning, motivated employees, a long-standing cooperation with several universities as well as the successful cooperation with clients nationally and worldwide led to a double-digit number of patents.

The energy field is a main focus of mycon, especially the digital monitoring, coating and cleaning of heat exchangers as well as coating methods for all kinds of surfaces. Ceramic coating agents are preferably used for this process.

Working heat exchangers require approximately 23% of total energy consumption worldwide. mycon’s products achieve saving of energy of up to 30% and are therefore meaningful for protecting the environment.

For the first time, mycon’s new method SplitMaster offers a method which quickly and without difficulty inserts temperatures as low as -60° to -70° into adhesive layers. Thus, they can be easily separated. It can be used in nearly any field. The automotive, railway and aircraft industry are important potential customers.

mycon’s method SplitMaster is based on scientific work conducted by the university of Paderborn and Hamm-Lippstadt. This research proves significant advantages to mycon’s method compared to heating up glued surfaces.

A fair offer: mycon offers a trial rental period for almost all of their machines. Convince yourself of the advantages of mycon’s products first, before buying or renting them long-term.

mycon consults customers from a wide variety of industrial and service sectors:

  • Power generation
  • Oil & gas
  • Chemistry
  • Production, processing and finishing of pipes, profiles, bars, ribbons, wires
  • Automotive
  • Railway
  • Mechanical engineering, electronics
  • Plastic


Environmentally friendly, quick, gentle, low-waste, resource-saving and without production stop – using mycon’s products pays off within a short amount of time.

Rental Service

We also provide our systems and complete workplaces as well as automations for any desired duration also on a rental basis.

  • mycon delivers to approximately 40 countries in Europe as well as the USA and Asia.

mycon GmbH · Senner Straße 156 · 33659 Bielefeld · Germany marketing@mycon-germany.com






Senner Straße 156
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