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16 & 17 SEPT 2020


The UK's Largest Recycling & Waste Management Exhibition

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16 & 17 SEPT 2020 - NEC, BIRMINGHAM

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Historic manufacturer of waste containers and systems, Mattiussi is back to the forefront with a new version of its stylish housing unit Biox, equipped with access control and data transmission technology for a new generation of waste management systems.
Mattiussi is the company that has changed the approach to designing containers for sorted waste collection. This passion for design has been applied as well to such unconventional fields as ecology and the circular economy, where design is almost unknown. Mattiussi has always tried to look at this aspect in a completely different way, introducing the concept of designâ€`in addition to functionality and ergonomicsâ€`to its products, in order to educate individuals and communities about respecting nature and the environment. A passion day after day that pushes us to think outside of the box.
Our story has taken us on a path full of new ideas and innovative solutions. Mattiussi Ecologia was founded in 1983 by Valter Mattiussi because of his great respect for the environment and his passion in creating aesthetically pleasing products. Since then, the company has collaborated with various successful designers, in an industry where this type of synergistic partnership was almost unknown.
There are a variety of product lines that have been created to satisfy all needs, not only in the domestic environment but also outdoors and in the community: kerbside sorted-waste collection, indoor presorting with a wide range of presorting bins for food waste, home composting, outdoor recycling with the latest revolutionary innovations, and sorted-waste containers with solutions conceived for use in the city, along with recycling bags and liners in biomaterial.
Design has always played an important role in reaching our objectives. Form and materials come together in a product that makes beauty and functionality its main drivers.
For us, waste separation is all about research and innovation. It is a thought, transformed by design into a system, looking beyond the product, through the eyes of nature itself. It is a daily commitment to a future of greater awareness and sustainability, where today's waste is seen as tomorrow's resource.

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