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11 & 12 SEPT


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Manifattura Russo Filippo

Manifattura Russo Filippo is a plastics recycling company founded in 1990.
The company's core business is management and recycling of plastics from post-industrial wastes, with a focus on Technopolymers.
The main plant is located in Lessona, Biella area, midway between Torino and Milano, Northern Italy and collects industrial polymeric wastes from all over Italy and Europe.
After accurate selections the regeneration process produces a variety of R-Plastics that range from R-polymers, such as PA, POM, PC, PE, PP etc., to R-Biopolymers such as PLA.
The final products are in form of regrinds or regranulates, depending on the customer needs.
Moreover the company offers a complete recycling service suitable for companies that want to develop a system to recycle their own wastes and re-put them in the production line.

Tel: 0039 015 98 39 77

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