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Glutton Cleaning Machines

Glutton® is Leader in street cleaning, and we design, manufacture and market the most reliable electric urban vacuum cleaner (Glutton® Collect® ) and electric Sweeper (Glutton® Zen®) in the world. Our products are electric, environmentally friendly and economical, revolutionizing day-to-day street cleaning .
Compact and easy to operate, our machines are perfect tool for city centres, alleyways, pedestrian zones, town squares, historic centres, marketplaces, confined or inaccessible places.
Our Glutton® handles everything: cigarette butts, cans, bottles, dog waste, fallen leaves, paper, etc. Thanks to Glutton® ,your city is clean and serene, and there is less pressure on the environment and on your operating budget.

Tel: +32 85 31 04 30

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