11-13 September 2018   NEC Birmingham

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Gemini Data Loggers (Tinytag)

Gemini Data Loggers (Tinytag)

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Tinytag data loggers support energy efficiency applications by accurately monitoring power usage, CO2, temperature and humidity locally or throughout a building. This helps identify where steps can be taken to improve energy efficiency, maximise cost savings, and ensure the occupants’ wellbeing. The range includes the Energy Logger, a portable, non-invasive device for monitoring single/three phase power usage: this is useful for monitoring energy consumption in line with ESOS and other energy management requirements. Temperature, humidity and CO2 loggers help validate whether heating and ventilation systems are working correctly, and record conditions to comply with H&S regulations. Tinytags are manufactured in the UK.


Scientific House
Terminus Road
West Sussex
PO19 8UJ
United Kingdom

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  • Tinytag Plus LAN Data Loggers
  • Tinytag Energy Logger
  • Tinytag Radio data loggers
  • Tinytag Ultra 2
  • Tinytag CO2 data logger
  • Tinytag View 2
  • Tinytag Plus 2
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  • New Plus LAN Data Loggers From Tinytag: remote data access from any network computer using Ethernet connectivity.

    Gemini Data Loggers, manufacturer of the Tinytag range, has just released a new range of Plus LAN data loggers. Plus LAN loggers collect data automatically: they plug into a network point and send it directly for viewing in the Tinytag Explorer Connect software by any permitted user on a network.

  • Tinytag Data Loggers: Robust Environmental Monitoring Solutions

    Tinytag data loggers accurately monitor temperature, relative humidity, single and three phase power usage, CO2 and other environmental parameters across many applications. Tinytags range from compact units for indoor building monitoring to rugged devices for harsh, industrial and outdoor applications. Tinytags help ensure that conditions can be recorded, analysed and validated. Data from the loggers is downloaded to a PC via a USB cable and viewed with the easy to use Tinytag Software.

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