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Fireward Ltd

Fireward is the UK`s leading provider of vehicle fire suppression. Built on the simple principle of understanding the needs, wants and demands of our customers, has allowed Fireward to become the supplier of choice within the Waste & Recycling Sector.

Risk of Fire:
As an industry which is substantially reliant on mobile and heavy plant machinery, and with the advancement of modern technology driving standards and efficiency there continues to be one area of high risk to all businesses within this sector; the risk of Fire.

Fire destroys millions of pounds worth of waste every year where losses include: the total price of the machine, decreased property value, bad press and thousands of pounds of lost revenue in downtime.

Fireward offers an effective and approved automatic fire suppression system, designed to reduce the risk of fire across a wide range of applications including telehandlers, wheel loaders, shredders, cranes and excavators.

With our extensive knowledge of industry leading machinery, we have built the trust of insurers and manufacturers, as well as existing customers and are regarded as a key fire protection specialist within the fire suppression industry.

Customer Service:
With customers being at the very heart of our business, we ensure we provide an effective customer service solution throughout the lifetime of their fire suppression system by offering:

• Dedicated Sales & Customer Service Team
• Real-time scheduling for customer appointments
• Emergency call-out services
• On-site support
• Service Level Agreements

Through our comprehensive support package, customers can rest assured that no matter what the need or emergency, our team are available 24 hours a day.

Stand No: 5N10-P11:
We would be delighted to present to you the Fireward team as well as the latest technology in automatic fire suppression systems and we look forward to meeting you at the show. To get in touch, please email or call 0800 151 0249.

Tel: 0800 151 0249

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