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The Fiberight process represents the next generation of waste processing; enabling the efficient recovery of raw materials from mixed waste sources. Active in both the UK and US, the business offers a complete circular economy solution to the residual waste problem.

There is currently a lack of opportunities to capture value from this waste stream, resulting in local authorities and waste management companies disposing of waste to landfill or incineration. Alongside this there is a growing demand for products to be manufactured using sustainable materials to address producer responsibility and consumer pressure. Manufacturers are also looking for more secure supplies of raw materials and stable pricing for the commodities they purchase. Fiberight responds to both these challenges by providing a fully integrated waste management solution, creating value from residual waste by generating value-added and sustainable products, such as fibres, sugars, dry recyclables and biogas.

Since starting in 2009 Fiberight has successfully developed an innovative core technology platform through to demonstration scale (15,000tpa). In the US Fiberight secured its first commercial contract for municipal waste in 2016 for 150,000 tpa with a total value of $112m. The business is well on target to operate its first commercial plant in Maine, US in December 2018 . In the UK Fiberight has successfully secured grant funding for several technology development projects which aim to further valorise the fractionated material outputs from the process. These technology developments are being tested from pilot through to commercial scale.

Fiberight are also pursuing commercial activities in the UK.

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