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Way to Eco Ltd

Confused about what to recycle? With our mobile app you will get absolute clarity on what goes where, whenever you need.

We are an environmental consultancy utilizing innovative technologies to prevent waste, enhance recycling and foster the circular economy.

Our vision is to make a social, economic and environmental impact by enhancing citizens education and inclusion on waste management.

We help local authorities, small and large businesses, housing associations and community groups manage their resources in a responsible, sustainable and cost-effective way, by meeting and improving their recycling targets. This can generate tangible savings, enhance CSR and reduce environmental impacts.

British people admit being uncertain about how to correctly dispose of waste. When `unsure`, only 33% of them take the time to look up before throwing items in the correct bin. Sorting at the beginning of the recycling supply chain is becoming increasingly important as contamination and low recycling rates are a significant cost for the society and the environment.

Our mobile app helps tackle the key issues in the recycling process: lack of knowledge on how to recycle, transient population, cultural and language barriers. By matching a product`s barcode with the user`s geolocation, the app gives a unique answer on how to sort each packaging material. In this way, citizens can recycle better, more and everywhere.

We believe in the power of communication to educate, engage and drive behaviour change. The app can send clear and tailored messages about:
• individual waste responsibilities to tackle littering and fly-tipping
• prevent food waste
• link users to local re-use/repair schemes to preserve and keep goods in the loop
• litter pathways and the link inland-waterways-coastal areas (marine litter)

The experience in two other European countries (1M downloads; 450 Local Authorities using the services) confirms that the app has been successful in changing people behaviour and creating savings. Let us do the same in the UK.

Tel: +44(0)7375863033

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