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Triveni Turbine Limited

Triveni Turbine Limited (TTL) is a leading steam turbines manufacturer from India with a global footprint spanning over 50 countries. TTL has been helping customers in achieving power self-sufficiency and sustainability with its customised steam turbines up to 100 MW range.

Triveni Turbines Refurbishing is carving out a niche in the refurbishing and repair of rotating equipment across the world, focussing on efficiency improvements and special process including HVOF and laser cladding.

The refurbishing team leverages the solid foundation created by our design department that are continually developing newer more efficient turbines with new gen blades year on year.
We are among the leading manufacturers of steam turbines with a design department that has built 3500 turbines installed across 75 countries globally generating over 12 GW of power

Aging turbines get a new lease of life through Triveni's refurbishing service. The comprehensive portfolio of refurbishing services includes:
• Efficiency restoration or improvement
• Renovation & Modernization (R&M) service
• Re-engineering
• Health survey and condition assessment
• Reverse Engineering
• Overhauling
• AMCs for all makes of steam turbines

Erection & Commissioning is an integrated process of product delivery.

Triveni ensures that every turbine dispatched to site is erected & commissioned by a trained, experienced, and seasoned professional team of engineers. We as an organization draw our learning from a large installed base of turbines, with a proven track record of providing the best Erection & Commissioning services.

Triveni's After Market Services provides a complete range of high quality and optimal steam turbine service solutions to global standards, catering to the PCG, SCG, Captive Powergen and Utility. The endeavour at Triveni has been to respond within 24 hours, with 85% of customer concerns being resolved within 48 hours.

Tel: +91-9611001733

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