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PTV Group

The Mind of Movement: Traffic - Transport - Logistics

PTV Group takes a holistic approach towards improving mobility and transport, integrating traffic, transport and logistics. We call this The Mind of Movement.

The company has four decades of experience in planning and optimising the movement of people and goods, using world-class software, data and scientific know-how. Our mission is to ensure people and goods arrive at their destinations safe and on time, helping cities, companies and people save time and money, enhance road safety and minimise the impact on the environment.

In the UK PTV is best known for its intelligent software solutions for transport logistics, but we are also a global player in strategic traffic planning and traffic management projects.


In the Logistics sector, PTV offers the latest innovative and market-leading solutions including fully automated and interactive software for scheduling transport routes, accurate trip cost calculation and real-time journey management including Estimated Time of Arrival, truck navigation and parking.

Our intelligent algorithms help companies optimise route planning and make the most efficient use of resources. Our customers save time and money - even with a small fleet route optimisation tools result in 7% - 25% savings.

Further efficiencies can be gained at destinations with Map&Guide, Map&Market and Drive&Arrive. These can automatically inform partners` systems and customers directly about ETAs.

Our products, though, do not ignore or override the skills and experience of users who may have their preferred methods and routes. A unique feature of the logistics products is that users can quickly create a full schedule yet still manually intervene when required.

For larger fleets and software developers. the PTV xServer suite underpins the full Logistics product portfolio. It is fully scalable and customizable and allows users to seamlessly integrate logistics APIs with systems such as ERP, CRM, SCM and TMS or build their own solution with the PTV xServer modules, saving costly in-house development.


In the Traffic sector, we offer state-of-the-art technologies for traffic planning, transport network modelling and simulating across all modes of transport, including real-time traffic management as well as Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions.

PTV software is used to develop the European transport model, which encompasses all passenger transport and freight movements in Europe PTV Visum and Vissim handles microsimulation modelling for cities. Transport for London, for example, has been using PTV Visum for more than 10 years, using it to develop its Operational Network Evaluation (ONE) model, a tactical highway assignment model for London and the largest of its type in the world.

TfL is currently developing a whole suite of microsimulation models for the Transport for London Route Network (TLRN), including 23 key road corridors that play a strategic role in London`s road network. The corridor models are being used by TfL to assess the operational capacity and performance of the road network, the impact of proposed developments and infrastructure schemes, as well as measure the Journey Time Reliability of corridors.

In the West Midlands, Visum is the technology underpinning Prism, one of the largest and most complex multi-model transport models in the UK, uniting 7 local authorities, Highways England and the Public Transport Executive. It incorporates urban and rural areas, zoning, detailed junction and public transport.

PTV Facts & Figures

20 subsidiaries around the world

40 years of experience and innovation

EUR 100m revenue

700 employees worldwide

Customers in over 120 countries

2.500 cities using PTV technology

1 million vehicles planned per day with PTV software

40.000 tons of CO2 saved daily

PTV Products for Logistics

PTV Map&Guide - Efficient truck route planning and transport cost calculation.

PTV Route Optimiser - Trip planning & transport optimisation Automatically schedules orders for optimised routes, taking into account all restrictions.

PTV Drive&Arrive - Automatically informs partners and customers of time of arrival and updates them in real-time.

PTV Map&Market - Field force optimisation, territory & location planning

PTV Navigator - Navigation and routing specific for vehicle types.

PTV xServer - A developer`s toolkit for customisable and integrated route optimisation, map visualisation and geocoding.

Optimisation solutions provided in the cloud, on premise or as an API integration.

Tel: 0121 585 6633

Tel: 0121 585 6633

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