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Clearfleau Group Limited

A market leader for on-site industrial Anaerobic Digestion (AD), we supply cost-effective water and bio-energy solutions to enable food and beverage manufacturers to add value to their residues and make the food supply chain more sustainable.

Owned by German engineering company EnviroChemie GmbH (part of SKion GmbH`s water portfolio), Clearfleau now provides a range of innovative on-site water solutions for industrial and commercial processing sites.

EnviroChemie has a global reputation in the industrial water and wastewater treatment sector. As resource efficiency becomes a greater priority, more businesses are seeking to use limited water resources more effectively while also exploiting the energy value in their process residues, currently being discarded on many factory sites.

Clearfleau represents EnviroChemie in the UK market, with an extended range of innovative water treatment and conservation solutions for industrial sites. We are also developing sales of Clearfleau`s industrial bio-energy plants in European and other markets.

Clearfleau`s on-site Anaerobic Digestion plants allow food and drink processing sites to generate clean bio-energy, reducing their overall energy use and cutting carbon emissions. Biogas from bio-degradable residues enables food and drink manufacturers to access the latent energy content from their processing residues, providing a circular economy solution.

More efficient use of process residues can provide sites with decentralised bio-energy, recycled grey water and recycled carbon dioxide. Investment in greater resource efficiency on industrial sites offers an effective alternative to traditional, less carbon efficient, disposal systems.

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