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Eurokey Recycling Ltd

Over the past 23 years, Eurokey Recycling Group (Eurokey) has evolved into a market leader in providing waste management solutions. In 2017, Eurokey handled 300,000 tonnes of material from Distribution centres in the UK alone.

The recycling industry has a significant impact on Economy`s worldwide and as we are all so aware now, recycled commodities in their entirety have an impact on the global environment. The awareness of the merging market for recycled commodities is supported by European and world wide regulatory policy`s and is aimed to overhaul the recycling industry, working towards and adopting a Circular economy. This has had a positive impact in the industry, and Eurokey see the coming years as a unique and exciting opportunity for the recycling industry.

Eurokey are evolving. In-depth research, development and investment into the core materials that Eurokey process (Plastic, OCC and Paper) As a group, we have been working alongside leading industry professionals within the manufacturing and Material Technology fields, which has enabled us to transform our material segregation, delivering an innovate sortation procedure that works alongside and compliance with new regulations.

We have developed our internal policy`s and systems on how we use materials that previously were considered `end of life waste` into usable resources.

Our continuous innovations continue to capture the Circular approach to recycling.

2019 brings a new product to the Eurokey portfolio, please come and see us , so we can share this exciting launch with you in person.

Our continued commitment to embrace the changing face of recycling, offers our clients a proven innovate waste management solution.

Eurokey work in partnership with numerous established high profile clients, designing bespoke solutions based on their own unique needs and Eurokeys proven unique formal. Our solutions are delivered by professional and efficient account management teams, dedicated to each of our clients.

Eurokey deliver waste management solutions, ensuring your business delivers the key regulated environmental targets, returns your business the maximum rebate for your waste, while you focus on your core operations

We look forward to meeting you at RWM, and welcome you to our stand

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