BREAKING NEWS: Andy Willcott joins keynote line up to reveal Glastonbury Festival's waste management strategy.

11 & 12 SEPT


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Environment Agency

Do you need an opinion on whether something is waste? The Environment Agency have set up a Resources from Waste Team that aims to help enable the waste industry to use more waste as a resource. The team includes our Definition of Waste Services who provide an EA view on whether a substance has ceased to be waste, or is a by-product, via our IsItWaste? tool. We are beginning a phased review of our existing waste Quality Protocols as well as providing a chargeable service for new resource frameworks (the new name for Quality Protocols). We are also working with CL:AIRE in reviewing their definition of waste code of practice. So come along and speak to us about how we can help you maximise the use of waste as a resource.

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