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16 & 17 SEPT 2020


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16 & 17 SEPT 2020 - NEC, BIRMINGHAM

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Element Materials Technology

Element Emissions; MCERTS Accredited Stack Emissions Monitoring & CEMS Calibration (QAL 2 & AST), offers a complete range of stack emissions testing, environmental inspection and consultancy services to help organizations achieve regulatory compliance for their industrial installations.

Operators with emissions to air from stacks and source releases are required to comply with Emissions Limit Values (ELVs) and Quality Assurance of CEMS as specified in their regulatory monitoring requirements (Permit, License, EU Directives e.g. Industrial Emissions Directive & Medium Combustion Plant Directive); independent, accredited stack emissions testing is essential for all organizations that wish to meet their responsibilities.

Our stack emissions testing and compliance services include:

- Periodic Compliance Monitoring
- CEMS Calibration & Verification (EN 14181 QAL 2 & Annual Surveillance Test, US EPA RATA Protocols)
- Accredited Stack Emissions Testing (ISO 17025, MCERTS)
- In-House Accredited Laboratory Analysis (ISO 17025, MCERTS) of Stack Emissions Monitoring Samples
- Training (Regulatory Compliance, EN 14181)
- Investigative Testing, Process Optimization & Abatement Plant Efficiency Testing
- Process Commissioning of New Plant
- Offshore Emissions Monitoring
- Air Quality Assessment & Dispersion Modelling (Air, Noise & Odor)
- Environmental Noise Monitoring (Noise Investigation, Acoustic Camera)
- Planning & Permitting Support Services

Our depth of knowledge, resources, regional coverage and experience allows us to provide a fast, customer focused service, high quality delivery, guaranteed turnaround and flexibility with a commitment to working safely in all our activities. We provide all types of stack emissions testing using manual reference and alternative methods, instrumental analyzers, and FTIR including;

• Particulate Matter, PM10 & PM2.5
• Combustion Gases (NOX, NO, NO2, N2O, SO2, CO, CO2, VOCs & TOC)
• Trace Pollutants (Dioxins & Furans, PCBs & PAHs, Metals & Mercury, Hexavalent Chromium)
• Acidic Gases & Vapors (HCl, HF, NH3, HCN, H2S, Sulphuric Acid Mist, Nitric Acid Vapor)
• Organic Compounds (Specific VOCs, Formaldehyde & Aldehydes, Isocyanates, Oil Mist, Tar & Bitumen Fume)
• Odour
• Bioaerosols
• Biogenic Fraction CO2

We provide stack emissions testing in a range of industrial sectors including; Energy from Waste & Incineration, Power Generation & Large Combustion Plant, Petrochemical Refinery & Offshore Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy & Landfill Gas, Cement & Lime, Mineral Processing, Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Food & Drink, Metals, Particleboard & Fibreboard, Automotive and Manufacturing.

All our stack emissions expertise is provided by highly competent and experienced individuals in line with national legislation, and our testing and inspection services are delivered in accordance with the international standards ISO/IEC 17025 and MCERTS in the UK & Ireland.

We are dedicated to providing complete compliance management solutions through both testing and consultancy services. Our goal is to help you achieve regulatory compliance and meet your Environmental goals, prevent exposure and support reducing emissions and improvement in Air Quality.

For more information about our stack emissions testing, or to know more about our stack emissions testing services, contact us today.

Also Exhibiting is Element Deeside Environmental Laboratory which has a strong UK client base largely made up of International Environmental Consultants. Through recommendation and reputation the international work has increased rapidly and this is due to our experience and expertise in arranging demanding sample logistics from around the world to delivery in the UK.

Element Deeside offer main stream contaminated land analysis on soils, waters, leachates, oils, soil vapour and ambient air. Analysis includes TPH, PAH, VOC, SVOC, Metals, Inorganic analysis, PFOS, PFAS, TOPs, BARGE testing, Asbestos ID and Accredited Quantifications to 0.001%, waste analysis and complex environmental forensic assessments all supported by an experienced technical team.

Element Deeside are the only UK Environmental laboratory to be accredited for VOC analysis for both Ambient Air and Soil Vapour from Summa Type Canisters and Bottlevacs. Other analysis includes but is not limited to Bulk Gas, C1-C7 and TPH CWG.

In addition Element is the leading provider of testing, inspection and consultancy in the UK and Ireland, delivering UKAS & MCERTS accredited stack emissions monitoring, noise and acoustic testing, workplace exposure and occupational hygiene monitoring services and asbestos management.

As one integrated group we specialize in providing a comprehensive range of materials and product qualification testing, certification and calibration services to the global Transportation & Industrials; Fire & Building Products; Infrastructure & Environmental; Oil & Gas; and Aerospace sectors.

At the heart of Element is the people. We are a diverse community with purpose and drive to be a world-class testing facility, and you can find that drive within any of our 6,200 Engaged industry Experts located at any of our 200 laboratories across 30 countries. Our headquarters may be located in London, but our roots run deep in the Netherlands, where the original testing laboratory was formed in 1827. Since the beginning, we understood that failure in service was not an option, which is why we strive to improve the design and quality of our customer`s products and services through our growing range of testing capabilities, and quality results.

We are the key element to our customer`s success because we have built a centralized focus on delivering one thing, certainty. Through our work as one global team we ensure that the materials and products we test and are safe, quality, compliant, and fit for purpose. That is the certainty of Element, and the reason we are one of the world`s largest independent testing providers.

Tel: +44 (0) 161 432 3286

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