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Stand: R-H250

We're a global technology company specialised in developing innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions for treating, recycling and recovering organic waste. We aim to reduce the amount of organic waste ending up in landfills or incinerated. Our innovative technology enables a sustainable and efficient recyling of organic municipal solid waste for renewable energy production, generating economic, environmental and social value.

We anually invest more than 80% of our resources in R&D and have been doing so since 2009 when ECONWARD was founded, which has allowed for significant performance upgrades resulting in a highly efficient and internationally competitive technology.

Nowadays, ECONWARD operates in Europe, Latin America and United States, through its offices in Madrid, Buenos Aires and California.

BIOMAK®  is our current technological solution under commercialisation. It consits on a a thermal-hydrolisis pre-treatment to an anaerobic digestion process, enabling an efficient transformation of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste into biogas and biomethane, boosting biogas production, optimising AD plant operation and profitability.


C/ Alcalá N° 21
10° Derecha.
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