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16 & 17 SEPT 2020


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16 & 17 SEPT 2020 - NEC, BIRMINGHAM

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Earthing Services

Earthing Services are based in Nottingham, England and proudly serve customers all over the world. Our products and methods have the following attributes:

1. Safer to install: reduces risk to personnel
2. Faster to install: accelerates build schedules
3. Easier to install: reduces labour costs
4. More effective at fault current management: fault current will never interrupt service revenue
5. Has zero OpEx: Offers a lower Total Cost of Ownership
6. Better on the balance sheet: Enables CapEx to be amortised over the whole service life of the system: locks costs at day one
7. Corrosion and deterioration proof: reliable and future proofed.
8. Theft and vandalism proof: Thieves and vandals targeting the earthing will never interrupt service revenue
9. Adaptable to site constraints: Ideal for limited footprints, shallow excavations, non-linear routing
10. Independently lab tested and used by others: No early adopter anxiety

If you have an earthing problem we have probably already solved it so get in touch; we are yet to face a problem we cannot resolve.

Earthing without rods for HV/LV including: power, rail, telecoms, EVCP, renewable energy. Earthing Services offers innovations to address demanding environments; urban, contaminated, marine, desert and flood plains. Also corrosion protection for power transmission, rail stray current, and circulating currents. Products are supported by specialist earthing system design, testing and consultancy.

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Tel: 0115 9757 600

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