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Stand: R-K202

We are Reward4Waste. 

We keep end of use items in the circular economy for longer - through what we call ‘whole life recycling'

We have 3 solutions:
Digital DRS, Digital Recycling and Digital Re-use

Consumer facing: Our app enables people to do the right thing when it comes to return / re-use / recycle. Engaging, inspiring and rewarding people for their good recycling behaviour.

When it comes to Digital DRS, our solution works with existing waste infrastructure, giving citizens the ultimate convenience, so that they can take part in the Deposit Return Scheme at home (using their kerbside recycling boxes) or on the go (in any bin with a unique code)

Business facing: Each item has a unique code using AI and green blockchain - when that code is scanned by the app - each item is recognised and each recycle is recorded securely bringing rich data and insights 

Our unique coding means each item can be tracked digitally - bringing transparency and traceability to every single product. 

We help businesses achieve their sustainability and EPR argets by bringing accountability to every item sold.


6A Church Green
Eagle Industrial Estate
OX28 4AW
United Kingdom
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