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16 & 17 SEPT 2020


The UK's Largest Recycling & Waste Management Exhibition

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16 & 17 SEPT 2020 - NEC, BIRMINGHAM

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Cross Wrap Oy Ltd

Cross Wrap Ltd is the world leader in manufacturing automatic wrapping machines and bale openers for the waste industry. Our unmatched experience, combined with our leading-edge patented technologies, means we can deliver an effective, economical and environmentally friendly wrapping solution for every waste management challenge.

CW Direct Bale Wrapper - The tie free advantage

Our patented new wrapper for 2-ram balers wraps your waste directly from the bale chamber.
- No ties or wires are needed.
- Fully automatic
- Cross wraps each bale securely for transport and storage.
- Optional wire tier feature
- Suitable for many materials such as RDF, SRF, cardboard and paper

CW 2200 Waste Bale Wrapper - Waste wrapped right

CW wrappers offer the highest production rate and the lowest operational cost in the business. Cross wrapped bales stay wrapped right, even after extensive transport, handling and storage.
- Suitable for all bale sizes and different materials
- Compatible with any baler
- Capacity up to 80 tons/hour
- Fully automatic
- Available also as a mobile unit

CW Bale Opener - Best bale opener for your business

CW bale openers are the safest and most economical way to open bales automatically for material utilization in WTE plants and cement kilns.
- Separates the film and wires from the material
- Low running cost per ton
- Capacity up to 100 tons/hour
- Fully automatic
- Safe, reliable and proven method

CW Dewiring Machines - Removes wires automatically

Our latest innovation, a special CW Dewiring is an automatic, safe and reliable way to handle unwrapped bales. It efficiently removes wires from pulp bales, recyclable cardboard and paper bales, as well as from various recyclable material bales such as different types of plastics.
- Dewires the unwrapped bales
- Separates the wires from the material
- Low running cost
- Capacity up to 80 tons/hour

500 Machines | 55 Countries

Cross Wrap Ltd is a family owned business that build and installs stretch film bale wrappers to pack various waste materials and recyclables for transport and storage. Cross Wrap product range also includes bale openers and dewiring machines that open up the bales when materials need to be utilized. In addition to waste and recyclables Cross Wrap operates in packaging wood based boards. The original cross wrapping method is patented globally and other patents for new innovations have followed.

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