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16 & 17 SEPT 2020


The UK's Largest Recycling & Waste Management Exhibition

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16 & 17 SEPT 2020 - NEC, BIRMINGHAM

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CFE is the leading supplier of pelleting, conditioning and grinding equipment, as well as engineering consumables to the biomass and compound feed sectors across the UK and Ireland and it exports globally. In tandem with this, CFE Group operates extensive engineering services and maintenance agreements with biomass wood pellet and compound feed producers, who manufacture their products through equipment purchased from CFE Group and/or global pelleting equipment producers. CFE Group is the UK and Irish agent for global pelleting equipment company CPM.
CFE Group was set up in the UK and Ireland as an engineering company whose main activity was the refurbishing of dies and roll assemblies for the feed industry. Over the past twenty years, CFE has grown this principal function to become market leaders in Die and Roll Refurbishing across both the biomass and animal feed sectors.

CFE Group operates its mechanical engineering business from its plant at St. Helens, Haydock. By far the leading facility of its kind in Europe, CFE Haydock is regarded as a global centre of excellence and operates the industry`s most automated facility in Europe which, when it was being developed, was designed to accommodate growth in existing markets and new market opportunities. Delivering the highest standards and greatest value to its customers, over the past number of years, CFE has invested heavily in sustainable patented technology. CFE has worked closely with a Danish partner to develop a unique water-pressurised cleaning, washing, grinding and countersinking system that adds greater accuracy, efficiency and sustainability across the whole die and roll refurbishing process, without the requirement to heat water or use chemical additives. Its standards of excellence in equipment have always been matched, as importantly, with its standards of excellence in personnel. CFE staff are well trained, experienced, reliable and focused and they work diligently to achieve the very best product and value on cost-of-ownership for its customers.

CFE has upscaled its equipment to accommodate engineering support for RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) pelleting sector. Currently, there are major plants under construction in the UK and Ireland whose activity will be to pellet municipal waste. While the pelleting process is similar to the animal feed process, the units are much bigger and require more regular servicing. CFE Group Haydock will be a key hub in supporting these plants. We are working with our partner CPM to supply this technology into the market and provide essential after-market support from Haydock. With our investment at the Haydock plant over the past two years, we have the technology to service the biggest components required in RDF processing. Our involvement in this new sector will grow our workforce and we are currently drawing up plans in preparation for a plant expansion.

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