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Bright Biomethane

Bright Biomethane biogas upgrading systems are well-proven systems to upgrade biogas to biomethane.

Bright Biomethane has broad experience with nearly all biogas plant types, such as: communal sludge digesters, industrial organic waste digesters and farm digesters. Also, in managing biogas produced from most forms of biomass feedstock, including municipal sludges and wastes. And, also has experience with the upgrading of landfill gas.

By applying highly efficient membranes the separation of methane from biogas can reach an efficiency of more than 99.5% and render biomethane suitable for injection in the national grid or compression to CNG.

The Bright Biomethane system is available from 40 Nm3/h to 5,000 Nm3/h ingoing biogas. Other capacities are available on request.

In addition to the production of biomethane the Bright Biomethane systems may be used to recover CO2. By extending the biogas upgrading system with a CO2 recovery module the gaseous CO2 that is produced during the upgrading can be recovered and liquefied to produce food-grade CO2, creating an extra source of revenue for the plant owner. The food-grade CO2 can be used in for example the food and beverage industry and in greenhouses.

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