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16 & 17 SEPT 2020


The UK's Largest Recycling & Waste Management Exhibition

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16 & 17 SEPT 2020 - NEC, BIRMINGHAM

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Blazequel specialise in fire safety for the waste management industry.

From vehicle fire suppression, through to process line and building protection, we provide fire detection and suppression solutions for all applications. Visit our stand to discover how to protect your site and assets from fire.

Featured Solutions:

# 1. DAFO Vehicle Fire Suppression -
Our top quality, Swedish made fire suppression system is ideal for protecting equipment working in high-risk waste and biomass handling environments. The foam agent douses and cools the engine bay, knocking out the flames and preventing reignition.

# 2. Video Smoke Detection -
The fastest and most reliable detection solution for harsh environments. It can cope with dusty environments, and a dynamic risk area layout (with high stockpile circulation, or moving plant equipment).
If the system detects an incident, you can immediately see the detected object on your CCTV screens to help you respond correctly. Come to our stand to see the system in action, plus real-life case study videos of previous fire 'saves'.

# 3. Process Line Protection -
Conveyor systems are the fastest way to spread a fire through your facility. Make sure your conveyor lines and key items of process equipment are properly protected with the right detection and suppression equipment.
Key risk areas we often protect are shredders, separators, dosing bunkers and their outfeed conveyors.

#4. Thermal Imaging and Automatic Water Cannons.
For outdoor risk areas, large waste reception halls and other areas where you have significant stockpiles of material, thermal (infra-red) fire detection and automatic water cannons are an ideal solution. Make sure you detect and deal with an emerging incident before it has a chance to turn into a serious fire.

...And much more. Visit our stand to find out more about how we can help protect your facilities and assets and livelihood from the risk of fire!

> Fire Extinguishers
> Fire Alarms & Emergency Lighting
> Fire Risk Assessments
> Fire Training
> Fire Sprinkler & Suppression Systems for all applications
> Process Line Fire Protection
> Video & Thermal Fire Detection
> Vehicle Fire Suppression

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