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Axle Weight Technology

Stand: R-G10
Axle Weight Technology

Since 1991, Axle Weight Technology Ltd (Axtec) have been the only UK company specialising in the manufacture of axle weighing equipment.

Axtec manufactures static and dynamic axle weighbridges.  We are unique in that every stage of the process, from construction of the concrete approach areas, manufacture, installation and commissioning is performed by our own in-house teams, using dedicated equipment. This includes the UK’s only weighbridge test vehicles specifically designed for calibrating axle weighbridges.

Axtec also manufactures OnBoard axle load indicators. Axtec OnBoard provides real time information on axle and gross vehicle loads via a very simple interface and extensive communication capabilities.  Axtec OnBoard can be installed by our personnel, either at our factory or on site, or by qualified third party engineers.

Axtec products are used by waste management companies, “own account” and “hire or reward” transport companies who are looking to maximise their loads whilst operating within the law, and by the governmental agencies responsible for enforcing those laws.


Axtec House
Stuart Road
United Kingdom
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