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16 & 17 SEPT 2020


The UK's Largest Recycling & Waste Management Exhibition

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16 & 17 SEPT 2020 - NEC, BIRMINGHAM

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Apex Belting

Apex is a specialist manufacturer of PVC, rubber, polyurethane, conveyor and drive belts.
Established in 1982, we supply high quality belts to customers all over the UK and across the world
from our site in Suffolk.
Apex can offer many styles of belts to satisfy the various demands of the recycling and waste
processing industries.
ï‚· PVC/PU belts
ï‚· Flat Rubber belts
ï‚· Moulded cleated belts
ï‚· Corrugated sidewalls
ï‚· Waste Shredder belts
ï‚· Overband Magnet belts
ï‚· Eddy Current belts
ï‚· Optical Sorting belts
Apex can offer a 24/7 emergency on-site breakdown service (both hot and cold vulcanising) as well
as planned maintenance and repairs.
Apex Belting is a specialist manufacturer of all types of conveyor and drive belting for all industries.
Visit us to discover how we can accommodate your needs for:
ï‚· Rubber
ï‚· PVC & Polyurethane
ï‚· Food quality & modular
ï‚· Agricultural
ï‚· Recycling
ï‚· Industrial
ï‚· Specialist eg Timing, Horse Treadmill, Perforated, etc.
ï‚· Fasteners, cleating and sidewalls
Apex Belting is a leader in belt technology. From concept to finished product we have worked to
develop materials of high quality and value for money. Apex manufactures conveyor, elevator and
bulk materials belting, in rubber, PVC and polyurethane. A comprehensive range of moulded
flighted rubber belting for transporting products up inclines are available. Apex also have a new
unique range of PVG belting which is very abuse and tear resistant ideal for transporting sharp
recycled products.
With a wealth of specialised knowledge and experience, Apex offers belts that meet your exact
specification with superior efficiency.
Apex Belting is at the forefront of manufacturing and fabricating conveyor belts for the recycling
industry. Producing belts with integrally moulded rubber cleats or chevrons, ideally suited for MRFs,
screens, crushers, shredders, mini crushers, eddy current and overband magnet separators.

Tel: 01284 752486

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