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16 & 17 SEPT 2020


The UK's Largest Recycling & Waste Management Exhibition

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16 & 17 SEPT 2020 - NEC, BIRMINGHAM

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Air Clean designs, manufactures and installs air pollution control equipment, biogas upgrading/purification, and odour control for the solid waste treatment and municipal sectors. Our solutions include proprietary bio-technologies (MonaFil®, MonaShell®, CrumRubber™, Technocover®) distributed in UK by Anua Clean Air UK Ltd, used alone or in combination with `conventional` chemical/physical abatement technologies.

- Proprietary abatement Technologies
MonaFil®: a peat based organic media filtration product specifically designed for biofiltration (high surface, long life, low
pressure drops).
MonaShell®: a shell based media for air biotrickling filters suitable for treating acidic gasses. (up to 400 ppm hydrogen sulphide) and VOC.
CrumRubber™: a rubber based media for air biotrickling suitable for treating high H2S concentration (up to 2000 ppm).

- Biogas Cleaning
CrumRubber™ patented biological system, designed for treating high concentration of hydrogen sulphide (up to 4000 ppm).

- Solid waste treatment Odour Control/Sludge biodrying
Recently we developed a composting/biodrying system based on the use of a last generation breathable cover sheets (Technocover®) in combination with our biotrickling technology MonaShell®.

Our systems are used extensively for odour removal from municipal and Industrial wastewater treatment plants (99% + removal H2S up to 2000 ppm) and in a wide range of industrial application including food industry, rendering, pharmaceutical industry, oil and gas, foundries (99% removal up to 2 gram C/m3). For Biogas purification and biogas upgrading we developed a biological technology able to remove 4000 ppm H2S with very low running costs. For solid waste treatment plants. In addition to odour control, we supply process aeration systems (biocells, windrows) and a last generation composting/bio-drying system based on the use of a breathable fabric (Technocover®) used in combination with our fourth generation MonaShell® biotrickling technology.

Filter media of our proprietary technologies are usually by products that are recovered and processed so they can be used for air biofiltration. We use bio technologies fully compatible with the circular sustainable green economy, we recycle from by products which would otherwise be disposed of in the name of circular economy.

Tel: 0039 0293 169 000

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