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Colour Tone Masterbatch Ltd

Colour Tone are a South Wales based colour and additive masterbatch manufacturer who are at the cutting edge of innovation within the sector.

Since 2010 we have pioneered the development of sustainable plastic colouring solutions (both black and colours) which are designed for end of life polymer identification by near infra-red sorting and now hold patents over a number of these novel, NIR detectable, colour packs. We are proud to be supplying this product into a range of global brand owners and packaging manufacturers, enabling sustainable product design for end of life recycling; dispelling the myth that black plastics are not recyclable and preventing potentially thousands of tonnes of packaging from going to landfill each year.

The innovation does not finish here however; Colour Tone continue to expand their range of detectable colour solutions, and their latest innovation in energy saving heat reflective additives. In parallel continuing to advise on product design within the circular economy, to improve the sustainability credentials of products using their colourant, through a variety of new and exciting technological advances currently under development.

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