Energy from Waste - Series 2

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Energy from Waste - Series 2

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This Digital Spotlight focused on the latest technology, innovations, and regulatory updates in the Energy-from-Waste sector. 

Our expert speakers considered how organisations can optimise the production of energy through recovering waste and expanded on the topics discussed at the RWM Expo in September 2021.

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Don't Waste your Waste

Beyond diverting waste from landfill, the world will have to fundamentally pivot towards cost-effective high-efficiency utilisation of waste; a key enabler to reshaping the global energy system. KEW’s session will share insight into Advanced Conversion Technology (ACT) and its role in decarbonising high-value energy vectors worldwide whilst simultaneously playing a vital role in reducing the carbon intensity of waste and residue management to zero-carbon and beyond.

Dr. Kamal Kalsi
CEO - KEW Technology

Building an Accurate Profile of your RDF and SRF Materials Through Best Practice Sampling

Accurate profiling of Refuse Derived Fuel and Solid Recovered Fuels starts with Sampling. Alfred H Knight Energy Services will guide you through the do's and don't of obtaining representative samples, which is the cornerstone of accurate analysis results - sharing with you 20 years of experience in sampling and analysing residual waste streams.

Carl Wilson
RDF Technical Manager - Alfred H Knight

Upcycling waste to create renewable hydrogen fuel for mobility and power generation

Jean-Louis will provide an overview of waste-to-hydrogen technology and applications, and will present case studies of
waste-to-hydrogen complexes, including one in the Caribbean that will convert 24 tons a day of municipal solid waste into 1.5 metric
tons of hydrogen per day to fuel 2MW worth of fuel cell generators and provide hydrogen fuel for transportation. The project solves
waste processing and disposal issues, while creating a clean energy resource at a low cost for the island community.

Jean-Louis Kindler
CEO - Ways2H

How to Generate you Own Heat and Power with RDF: The Solution to Small Scale EfW from 3.5MW-50MW

Generating heat and power from RDF makes good economic sense but choosing the right system and business model is paramount to your return on investment. Novalux Energy will demonstrate how to use waste as fuel and maximise your profits with a Novalux case study of an RDF fuelled Sugimat thermal oil boiler and Turboden Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC). An an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) company with over ten years of experience and a UK installation team, Novalux will help you to identify the correct technology for your business with comparisons between steam and thermal oil, alongside examples of Novalux projects. 

Joe Allcott
Managing Director - Novalux Energy

Leading the Delivery of Waste Infrastructure

Examination of the principles and process employed during the project lifecycle to determine the best route to developing a successful waste infrastructure project.  From the core criteria for success to some of the wider skills and themes that can be employed by the development team and wider traditional stakeholders involved in the procurement of these unique projects.

David Woolford
Ricardo - Head of Waste Infrastructure Advisory Services

Waste Industry Key in Battling Climate Change

How can the waste management industry best tackle climate change? What do the new IPCC and UN studies teach us? How can we work together to achieve the Global Methane Pledge being signed during COP26? What needs to change in policy towards Waste-to-Energy? And how can our industry decarbonize even further? Join this session to find out.

Robert Corijn
Attero - Marketing Manager