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Digital Transformation session details

Below is the list of sessions for Digital Transformation. You'll be able to have access to all by completing the form below.

IEMA Thought Piece: Cross-sector insights - Smart solutions for sustainability

This session provides :

  • An understanding of how to harness digital technologies in their work/organisations to enhance sustainable resource management;
  • An overview of the recommendations in the new thought piece;
  • Practical insight from the case study providers and experts on this topic.


Marc Jourdan, IEMA Policy & Engagement Lead - Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA) & Polly Gourlay, Sustainability Lead - Qualis Flow

Driving WEEE Operational Efficiencies with Cloud Resource Management Platforms

Outlining a lean approach to resource management, delivering WEEE compliance and business efficiencies, Dotser will take us through a best practice scenario in the WEEE sector highlighting where key touch points can be automated in the workflow and efficiencies realised.



Loughnan Hooper, CEO - Dotser

5G and Mobile Broadband: New Technologies and Digitalisation for Smart Cities

 The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming cities into smart cities, utilising sensors, data and connectivity to digitalise technologies and communication systems and improve city operations.  

Incorporating big data applications, 5G, advanced security systems and more are changing the way citizens live and work. These intelligent systems are bringing a new generation of urban spaces that are efficient, safe and environmentally friendly. 


Adam Cousin, Senior Technical Specialist- IoT - Telit

Nationwide scale reverse logistics system in practice: Case study of e-waste operator ASEKOL Czech Republic

Sensoneo will guide you through its system of reverse logistics applied in scale with ASEKOL Czech Republic. This system applies complete digitalization of logistic infrastructure between 4 participants of the operations: Collection points, Logistic contractors, Waste Processors and Waste bin supply. Transparent flow of material and finances is ensured by clear reporting and detailed data aggregation.


Peter Knaz, Sales Director - Sensoneo

How To Reap The Benefits of Intelligent Waste Management Without Installing A Single Waste Bin Fill-Level Sensor

In this session, WasteHero’s Hussam Mansour challenges your perception that fill-level bin sensors are a requirement for implementing an intelligent waste management solution. He explains how municipalities can implement a fully operational intelligent smart waste management solution by digitizing fleet assets, historic collection information and container weight data – no sensors necessary!


Hussam Mansour, CEO, Founder - WasteHero ApS

Data: the saviour of recycling

The recycling model is dysfunctional as it only punishes for improper recycling instead of rewarding. And, in a data centric world, not knowing what happens to a product after it has been consumed is unforgivable. Data is the solution for the recycling dilemma, and in this session TeknTrash shows how it is tackling it by providing companies with post-consumption data they can compare with their sales data to improve their sales offering and show their customers their ESG commitments


AI Costa, CEO - TeknTrash