Digital Spotlight: Machinery & Equipment

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Digital Spotlight: Machinery & Equipment

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An innovative solution for the storage and handling of all kind of recycling materials

During this session you will get information about the technical design, the application fields and benefits of the Toploader system.

We will show you a couple of case studies that will give insight information about the implementation of the Toploader in a process line in different applications. 

  • Information about new innovative technology
  • Insight about the possibilities of this technology
  • The benefits that this technology will offer in the process line
  • Inspiration by showing case studies


Henry van Haaster | Head of Sales at Javo International

Double Filtration in Plastic Recycling

The presentation is focusing on double filtration in Plastics Recycling, covering some topics like the plastic recycling market and main recyclable materials, the functioning, range of applications and advantages of the double filtration.
Examples of real installations for customers.


Paola Crea | Regional Sales Manager at FIMIC Srl

MXOne – Fire Protection for large area storage

The Minimax MXOne firefighting turbine represents a new generation of fire protection systems.

MXOne reaches a flow rate up to 4,000 liters per minute at a throw distance of over 75 meters, already at a considerable low flow pressure. With an operating range of 360° it enables the highly precise application of water mist from a safe and great distance. We explain all the technical features and functionality. You will see the turbine in action from detection to extinguishing.


Jan Weimann | Sales Manager at Minimax Fire Solutions International GmbH

Five basic steps to improve machinery safety at recycling plants

Today machinery safety accidents are the most common cause of fatalities on British waste management sites, with 14 fatal accidents being recorded over the past five years. This was not always the case – prior to 2000 zero machinery fatal accidents were recorded for GB waste management. As we recycle more, the more machinery we use, and the greater the risk of a machinery accident occurring. But this is not inevitable. Recycling plant operators can take some basic steps to reduce their risk of a serious or fatal accident.


  • A chance to reduce the risk of a serious of fatal machinery accident
  • Increased knowledge of what the basic principles are in machinery safety


Geoff Smallwood | Retired (member of WISH's Steering Group), WISH Forum