Mike Webster

WasteAid UK

Global producer responsibility for waste management around the world

About Mike Webster

Founder of award-winning charity WasteAid UK, Mike was voted in 2017 as the top waste and resource influencer in the UK by his peers. He has worked for over 17 years within the waste and resources sector in the UK and internationally, and has developed and grown not-for-profit consultancy, charity and ethical business and networking organisations. He is an accomplished waste business development specialist, having developed solid waste business and supported entrepreneurs, and consulted on and trained extensively within this area. His overseas work includes the South Pacific, Latin America and eight sub-Saharan African countries, managing ground-breaking projects delivering waste livelihoods, community waste management and research. He holds an MSc in Environmental Economics.

Where does producer responsibility end? Should UK companies be responsible for waste management in countries where their products are sold? This presentation will explore existing models and discuss realistic options for a fairer, cleaner world.

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