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RWM Green Show Plegde

Green Footprint

Currently the largest, soon to be the greenest.

RWM 15 is renowned for being the largest event for waste management and resource efficiency in Europe, but now we are striving to become the greenest. smallsteps

This year we will be assessing the carbon footprint of the event with partner Carbon Clear. 

Working closely with suppliers, exhibitors and visitors, a number of procedures are being put in place to reduce our carbon footprint, including using recycled and recyclable carpets, reusing the electrics system and furniture, and much more.  It doesn’t end here, the event will be held at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham (NEC), significant as NEC was the winner of the ‘Eco Award’ at the 2015 Exhibition News Awards and since 2012 it has sent zero waste to landfill, with 80% of RWM’s waste recycled.

We cannot stress how committed we are to reducing our carbon footprint and will not finish here.  The three year plan is just one step in the right direction for us and we encourage all of our suppliers, exhibitors and visitors to join us on our journey.

Our employees are united in an approach to substantially reduce our carbon footprint and have pledged to take steps to reduce their own.  Here are some of those pledges:

Russell Bacon


Joe Bolger


Annick Ireland

Russell Bacon   JOe Bolger   Annick
100% of food waste in the Bacon household will now go into the food caddy.”  

“I pledge  to stop buying disposable bottles of water.” 


“Join a local food sharing scheme/app called Olio, which allows you to trade surplus food you grow or have bought with others, therefore reducing food waste.”

Daniel Mclapin


Terry Jang


Humaira Pilkinton

Daniel McLapin   Terry jang   Humaira

“I recently purchased a house in Bromley, kent and I have just paid £60 for the year to recycle all my garden waste every 2 weeks.”


“I will bring my own shopping bags and STOP buying plastic carrier bags and any items with too much packaging.”


”My pledge is to recycle more of my unworn clothes instead of throwing them away, and by the end of this year I plan to be an active volunteer in my community by joining the local fundraising group that works towards creating a 'greener Godstone!”

Sindy Cain


Joe Tipson


Giovanni Musio

Sindy   Joe   Giovanni

“To go as paperless as possible and work to ensure i2i staff effectively recycles food, paper and plastic waste by putting the right waste in the right bin to avoid contamination and efficient waste streams.”


“I pledge to try and stop using plastic bags unnecessarily”


“I committed to cycle to work almost 2 years ago whatever the weather. In about 8 months I offset the cost of my bike and gear - she’s an expensive and good looking one - and since then I’ve just gained savings in my pocket as well as got fitter and greener.”

See the environmental initiatives from GES, Global Experience Specialists

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Who spoke in 2015
  • Andrew Bird
    Andrew Bird

    Chairman, LARAC

  • Andy Hill
    Andy Hill

    Market Development Director, SUEZ environment

  • Angus Macpherson
    Angus Macpherson

    Managing Director, The Environment Exhange

  • Arthur Kay
    Arthur Kay

    Founder, bio-bean

  • Benita Matofska
    Benita Matofska

    Founder, Compare and Share

  • Birger Lauersen
    Birger Lauersen

    Manager of International Affairs, Danish District Heating Association

  • Bryn Griffiths
    Bryn Griffiths

    Assistant Director for Economy, Skills and Environment, Suffolk County Council

  • Charlie Law
    Charlie Law

    Founder and Managing Director, Sustainable Construction Solutions

  • Charlotte Morton
    Charlotte Morton

    CEO, Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association

  • Chris Holmes
    Chris Holmes

    Managing Director, Waste and Bioenergy Green Investment Bank

  • Craig Anderson
    Craig Anderson

    Chief Executive, Furniture Re-use Network

  • Dave White
    Dave White

    Waste Services Team Leader, East Cambridgeshire District Council

  • Dick Hoogendoorn
    Dick Hoogendoorn

    Managing Director, Dutch Waste Management Association

  • Dr Adam Read
    Dr Adam Read

    Practice Director - Resource Efficiency & Waste Management, Ricardo AEA

  • Dr Stephen Wise
    Dr Stephen Wise

    Principal Consultant - Resource Efficiency and Waste Management, Ricardo AEA

  • Duncan Baker-Brown
    Duncan Baker-Brown

    Director, BBM Sustainable Design Ltd

  • Ed Gillipsie
    Ed Gillipsie

    Environmental Entrepreneur, Author and Co-Founder, Futerra

  • Gareth Simkins
    Gareth Simkins

    Intelligence Analyst, ENDS Waste and Bioenergy Intelligence

  • Gin Tidridge
    Gin Tidridge

    Sustainability Specialist, B&Q

  • Ian Benson
    Ian Benson

    Commissioner for Sustainable County, Staffordshire County Council

  • Jessica Baker
    Jessica Baker

    Managing Director, Chase Plastics Ltd

  • Lis Broome
    Lis Broome

    Knowledge Transfer Manager, Knowledge Transfer Network

  • Lorna Pannett
    Lorna Pannett

    Principal Consultant, Ricardo AEA

  • Louis Meyer
    Louis Meyer

    Director, Process Industries, Mitsubishi Electric

  • Mark Terrell
    Mark Terrell

    Senior Sector Manager, SUEZ environment

  • Maxine Perella
    Maxine Perella

    Environmental Journalist

  • Mike Falconer Hall
    Mike Falconer Hall

    Programme Area Manager-organics, Wrap

  • Oliver Heath
    Oliver Heath

    Eco-designer and Sustainability Advocate

  • Olivia Sibony
    Olivia Sibony

    Co-Founder, Grub Club

  • Robert Epsom
    Robert Epsom

    Senior Consultant - Circular Economy and Product Sustainability, Ricardo AEA

  • Steve Lee
    Steve Lee

    Chief Executive Officer, CIWM

  • Tracy Sutton
    Tracy Sutton

    Founder, Root

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