Yilmaz Reduktor are a world-renowned manufacturer of industrial gearboxes, electric motors and variable speed drives.

Our products are suitable for many different industies including recycling, material handling, water, pumping, chemical, cement, mining, food & beverage, oil & gas, quarrying, steel, paper, rubber & plastics and baggage handling.

Manufactured in Europe and assembled by Yilmaz UK Ltd in Birstall West Yorkshire, all our products are offered with a standard two year warranty and are available on delivery times to suit our customer's requirements.

Our gearbox product range consists of inline helical, helical bevel, parallel shaft, worm & wheel, planetary and heavy duty gearboxes. Nominal torque value over 900,000nm.

Our electric motor product range consists of IE2 & IE3 efficient motors starting from 0.09Kw to 315Kw. Additional items such as encoders, force vent cooling, brakes, heaters, thermistors and IP upgrades are also available.

We also have available 4 types of variable speed drives otherwise known as frequency inverters starting from 0.2Kw to 250Kw. Our variable speed drives can be mounted either in a control panel or mounted directly onto the body of the electric motor.

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