Smartcity, a buzz word today but since 1992 WSS is a leader in developing, supplying, maintaining systems that have created big steps forward in the efficiency of waste collection. Working with municapilities and companies in various countries in Europe and further afield we are the experts when it comes to smart solutions for waste management.

Container acces systems - RFID registration systems for containers, chippping of containers, Pay as you throw systems and reward systems. We also supply pre-payment systems in combination with container access.

Monitoring waste levels, optimized routing, navigation, alerts in case of calamities, wireless data tranfer, management reporting, CO2 reductions: significant savings are made possible now. This is all result of the Smart Waste Platform, developed since 2010 and active in over 40 munipalities in Europe and growing rapidly.

Clear reporting, full insight in behaviour and seasonal changes through historic data. This platform, a combination of hardware, software and app is a game changer in the way collections are managed. Not the day of the week says what needs to happen: the bins and the software give the collection crews the most efficient and smart routes to colect the bins that are in need of emptying. Get in control, get saving the environment and money, but for real this time.

ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified

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