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Since 2000, Niton UK has established itself as an expert and leader in the UK for handheld material analysis solutions. As a family run business, we have delivered and installed over 2500 analysers in a wide variety of applications and companies ranging from the small scrap dealer to world class, blue chip manufacturing companies and government bodies tasked with policing strict adherence to material regulations.

So come and visit us at RWM where we will be showcasing a whole range of instruments - including the handheld PolyMax™ Plastics Analyser from TSI to take the guesswork out of plastic identification. Despite being only recently launched, it has already been sold to the market in applications ranging from waste material sorting - to maximise value - through to Positive Material Identification (PMI) for high-end applications where the wrong material use could lead to expensive failure and loss of reputation. Uniquely, the PolyMax can handle light and dark plastics with equal effectiveness and covers all plastic types and allows users to add custom plastics to their own library. Point-and-shoot operation with an extremely rugged design.

The PolyMax further strengthens the Niton UK range which has recently been enhanced by the Thermo Scientific Niton XL5 X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyser – the world's smallest and most powerful handheld XRF analyser to date. Additionally, our best-selling Thermo Scientific Niton XL2 100G will be available to demonstrate and we will also be showing the TSI Chemlite™ Laser Metals Analyser which has revolutionised analysis of light metals.

Finally, as of April 2017, we are pleased to announce that the XL5 is now available with an additional coatings mode for truly superior analytical performance.

The Niton XL5 represents the latest addition to the industry-leading Thermo Scientific Niton range and is able to identify all grades of alloys with unparalleled speed, accuracy and precision. Weighing only 2.8 pounds with a compact, ergonomic design, the XL5 is intended to reduce operator fatigue and enable users to easily access hard-to-reach spots and crevices.

Engineered to work just as hard as you do, a dynamic current adjustment ensures optimum sensitivity for each measurement. By optimising the space between the x-ray detector and sample, the Niton XL5 guarantees the lowest limits of detection (LODs) - especially for light elements - ensuring that you receive lab quality results every time.

The new coatings mode allows users to measure the thickness or weight of up to four coating layers, including alloys, compounds and pure metals. Additionally, users of the analyser can define substrate layers consisting of alloys, pure metals, plastics and wood. This doubles the number of coating layers that could be measured by previous models. The Niton XL5 analyser is the only handheld XRF analyser on the market that is capable of penetrating up to four layers using a standardless Fundamental-Parameter (FP) calibration and eliminating the need to calibrate using samples.

From the small scrap dealer to manufacturers of critical parts to the oil & gas sector, from sorting scrap for gaining maximum value through to non-destructive confirmation of the correct material composition of a turbine blade on assembled jet engine – Niton UK has a handheld solution for all applications.

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