Mavitec Green Energy B.V.

Mavitec Green Energy is a Dutch process technology company active in the food recycling industry. We provide complex process solutions in a simple, efficient and cost effective way, customized to the needs of our clients. Mavitec engineers, delivers, and installs systems for unpacking wet and dry co-products, melting fats, and recycling kerbside waste or brown bin waste. In this way we provide answers and solutions for businesses that have large quantities of by-products, biomass, or other fuel sources.

We engineer, deliver and install systems for:

The unpacking of (semi) wet co-products
The unpacking of dry co-products
Recycling of kerbside waste or brown bin waste
Melting of fats/yellow grease
Size reduction of agricultural co-products
Sterilization and pasteurization of co-products
Gasification of Manure / Litter / Organic Waste
Mavitec offers a complete solution to gasify organic streams, like manure/litter and organic waste, into a number of usable energy forms (including heat, steam, and electricity) and high quality EcoChar through the use of readily available technologies. Gasification is the best Economic, Ecologic, Ergonomic way of handling your manure/litter and organic waste challenges!

Mavitec Green Energy is part of the Mavitec group, a privately owned company. With headquarters based in the Netherlands, it has international sales/service offices worldwide. The solutions that that we bring to our customers are complimentary and help provide a more complete solution to recycling issues which companies, consumers, and governments are facing throughout the world.

Our team is ready at RWM to inform you about our added value with our systems to make more profit out of your project, to advise you and answer your questions.

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