Fogmaker UK & Ireland

Fogmaker is the market leader in Europe, the Middle East and Australia for automated fire suppression systems in Buses, with installations in more than 50 countries since 1995. In 2016 alone over 25,000 systems were installed globally. Fogmaker high pressure water mist is very efficient for extinguishing fires in multiple areas. The water mist gives an immediate choking and quickly cooling effect. The water mist’s ability to quickly extinguish the fire limits the amount of damage in the engine compartment.

Fire re-ignition is prevented by the adding of a smaller amount of foam to the water mist which lies like a choking blanket over the entire motor compartment. The extinguishing fluid that is generated from the water mist is environment friendly and it is easy to wash away.

The system has been installed in Crossrail, the Channel Tunnel, mining operations and leading haulage companies. An established UK operation means realistic costs in regards to installation, servicing and maintenance with an established service network ready to support any fleet.

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