Flexus Balasystem

Flexus Balasystem's heavy duty round baling system is the best solution for baling, transporting and storing waste fractions like MSW, RDF, SRF, beet pulp and recyclables in a safe and economic way.

Flexus balers have been designed specifically for use inthe waste industry. They are mounted on hook-lift frames for ease of movement and provide a portable solution to baling needs.

Flexus machines are widely used to manage the flows of waste through Energy from Waste plants, eliminating the need to send waste to landfill or alternative sites during shutdowns. Flexus balers are also deployed to improve the logistics of RDF and SRF handling and shipping, providing an effiicent and effective solution for waste management sites.

Round bales produced by the Flexus system are capable of being effectively stored for long periods without detriment to the environment and are secure for transportation by road or by ship.

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