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Flexus Balasystem

Flexus Balasystem designs and manufactures round waste baling systems.

Flexus manufactures integrated round bale/wrapping systems for:
• Waste & Recycling
• Transfer Stations
• Landfill remediation
• Biomass, wood chips
• Incineration - Waste to Energy projects
• Renewable Energy Projects
• Stretchfilm, big sacks, plastic for recycling
• Cost effective transport of waste by truck, rail and sea
• Touristic waste, seasonal fluctuations, Island waste
• Agricultural materials i.e. rice husks, alfalfa , bone meal, brewers` grain, beet pulp etc
• Industrial waste i.e. sludge, ash

Some of the advantages of Flexus are:
• Integrated baling & wrapping function in one machine
• High compaction ratio
• Small machine foot print/layout
• Uses no wires but only agricultural netting + LDPE film for wrapping
• Low power consumption
• Mobile technology
• Stand-alone machine - no need for civil works, roof covers etc.
• Tight wrapping, no corners
• Highly suitable for materials with organic content
• Clean and sanitary storage and transport

Tel: 01298 931 997

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