Ecotec Services Ltd.

Safely & legally burn Grade C and Grade D waste woods!

Ecotec have pioneered sub 3MW waste to energy systems in the UK. Ecotec's experience with these systems is unsurpassed, having designed, installed and achieved permitting on multiple IED (WID) compliant Small-Scale Waste incineration Plant (SSWIP) boiler systems across the UK.

Our WID-compliant biomass boiler systems provide a 20-year revenue from the government’s RHI, giving your business a boost. Collaborating with Woodco has produced even more efficient systems and we’ve simplified the SSWIP permitting process.

At RWM 2017, together with Woodco Energy, we will be showcasing these systems. However, we also design, install & maintain Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems, regular biomass and waste wood boilers, heat pumps, solar PV, underfloor and district heating systems.

Because we design and install these systems, we know them inside out, which means we can provide you with ongoing specialist support and maintenance throughout the entire lifecycle of your system.

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