Dolav UK Limited

Dolav Ace plastic pallet boxes are a one-piece moulding with integral runners. So strong and long lasting, recyclers select them for lead-acid batteries and call them, ‘The Battery Ace.’ Recobat says, “Dolav Ace lasts three-times longer than others.” Recycling Lives says, “Fixed runners don’t come off.”

Abuse tested by TÜV SÜD, the Dolav Ace is widely used in the demanding environment of waste handling and recycling. It excels.

The Ace has ‘Hygienic Design’ says Campden BRI. It uses virgin, FDA-approved, food-quality HDPE and is easy to clean to meet food hygiene demands for handling and recycling by-product and waste in food production facilities.

Dolav UK has Ace and lid stocks in seven colours. Customers can have on-box printing and customisation with e.g., drain taps, castors, hinges and locks.

The hygienic Dolav DFLC is new. It stacks, tips, folds and holds 750kg in 600 litres. It’s been called, ‘The Folding Ace’.

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