Copex S.A.

COPEX has been developing and manufacturing machineries for nearly 70 years. His broad range of shears and balers can meet all needs in the field of recycling:

Scrap & Metal recycling

Hydraulic scrap shear balers with side compression (LIDEX)

Hydraulic scrap shear balers with compression by wings (S-WING)

Mobile and portable shear balers (REFLEX)

High density balers with one, two or three compressions (P1C, P2C, P3C)

Recycling of all types of solid waste materials

High density two-ram balers to process MSW, C&I, RDF, WEEE, paper, cardboard, plastics, bulky, light scrap, aluminium offcuts, fuelwood energy and others (PMM)

Balers for cans and metal packaging (PACK METAL)

High capacity multimodal transfer stations for MSW and C&I waste

The high-quality service, supported by remote maintenance system via a modem, has always remained the focus of COPEX.

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