September 12-13

NEC Birmingham


Industry Leading Exhibitors

Try, test and find the latest innovations, products and technology revolutionising recycling and waste management.


Influential Figures

Network and exchange ideas with environmental professionals from across the world.


CPD Seminars

Packed with summits, case studies, panel debates, seminars, workshops, and keynote talks, RWM has never had so many reasons to attend.

Speakers at RWM 2018

  • Tamma Carel: Speaking at RWM Exhibition

    Tamma Carel

    Imvelo Ltd

    ISO14001 and Sustainable Resource Management

  • Adrian Griffiths: Speaking at RWM Exhibition

    Adrian Griffiths

    Recycling Technologies

    Chemical Recycling: economically creating capacity to recycle all plastic.

  • Sharon Lashley: Speaking at RWM Exhibition

    Sharon Lashley

    Enviro UK Consultants Ltd

    Plastic Waste and the Changing Climate

  • Dr Chris Sherrington: Speaking at RWM Exhibition

    Dr Chris Sherrington


    Deposit/Refund – Does it Work?

  • David Newman: Speaking at RWM Exhibition

    David Newman

    Bio-based and Biodegradable Industries Association

    The role of biodegradable and compostable materials in reducing waste

  • Harriet Parke: Speaking at RWM Exhibition

    Harriet Parke


    RDF Exports

  • Mike Brown: Speaking at RWM Exhibition

    Mike Brown


    Waste Crime

  • Alastair Thornton: Speaking at RWM Exhibition

    Alastair Thornton

    A Guide To Local Search for Skip Hire & Waste Management

  • Peter Jones: Speaking at RWM Exhibition

    Peter Jones


    Future Targets: Weight or Carbon

  • Martin Leamon: Speaking at RWM Exhibition

    Martin Leamon

    A Guide To Local Search for Skip Hire & Waste Management

  • Nikki DiGiovanni: Speaking at RWM Exhibition

    Nikki DiGiovanni

    Reuseful UK

    Reimagining Resources Transforming Lives by Making Reuse Child’s Play

  • Joe Papineschi: Speaking at RWM Exhibition

    Joe Papineschi


    Extended Producer Responsibility and Packaging

Explore These Zones

Take a journey through our dedicated zones to discover the sectors that unite the world of energy, waste, water and recycling.

Click to see more on Energy from Waste


Energy from Waste is a solution capable of diverting materials that can’t be recycled away from landfill, as well as one that offers practical ideas to help meet modern-resource needs and this zone is dedicated to highlighting the latest tech and solutions.

Click to see more on Handling and Logistics


Transporting, collecting and handling materials efficiently and safely is often the first link in the chain of any successful resource management operation and this sector is dedicated to solutions that improve the performance of your business, ensuring that revenues are maximised.

Click to see more on Machinery and Equipment


The Machinery & Equipment sector at RWM showcases the latest technology needed for business to maximise revenue from waste through the latest lifting, sorting, shredding, baling and compacting machinery.

Click to see more on Recyclers and Reprocessors


The Recyclers & Reprocessors Zone at RWM companies that specialise in the innovative handling of waste – including municipal, C&D, C&I and hazardous materials recycling – with the goal of diverting it from landfill or in ensuring as much value as possible is extracted from it.

Click to see more on Data Tech and Services


Data, Tech & Services is an expanded version of the zone previously knozn as Professional Services. In addition to the legal and recruitment specialists in everything from smart data to insurance and, for the first time, software solutions.

Click to see more on Supply and Demand


Take a look at the what the future of the energy and water markets look like in Supply & Demand, the new home for exhibitors previously based at The Energy Event and The Water Event.

Bringing Together the Industry's Leading Exhibitions

These three exhibtions
The Contamination Expo

Incorporating leading trade shows for Hazardous Waste, Land Remediation, Clean Air, Spill Response with the latest products and services. With talks from industry leaders, cpd accredited seminars and case studies from around the world, along with more than 200 suppliers of the latest technology, products and services changing the sector.

The Flood Expo

The Flood Expo is the world's largest exhibition and conference designed to help the most progressive flood professionals and property owners discover the latest innovative products, services and strategies that transform the way flooding is predicted, prevented and managed.

Marine & Coastal Civil Engineering (M&CCE) Expo

The Marine & Coastal Civil Engineering Expo (M&CCE Expo) is the UK's largest exhibition and conference decicated to showcasing the latest equipment and solutions for marine, coastal and other challenging civil engineering projects with unique landscape features.